Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chocolate Syrup

Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!
Mine is aright~

Friday I went to my cousin's house around 5pm. On my way, I encountered some beautiful scenery.

The sky was painted with fluffy orange clouds~The photos alone doesn't 100% show the beauty of the sky & clouds, but that's the best I was able to get of it.

At my cousin's, we just chilled & played Fable 3, Call of Duty & Silent Hill Home Coming (XBOX 360). One her cats decided to do a random pose for us

He was just licking himself when he suddenly posed for us XD We didn't know what went to his head but it was really hilarious~

Around 9:30 pm my cousin's cousin called & wondered if we could come over. Luckily for us, we were able to & stayed for like 2 hours.
It was fun & quite nice~

Today (Saturday) mom & I are going to visit my aunt & maybe drop by to see my sister & maybe go a bit of grocery shopping, just depends.

For the next month or 2 I'm aiming to get 3 things:

1- Blackberry Torch (I think its 9800. My cousin has it & its s0o0o k0oo0l!!!)
2- New pair of eye glasses (mine are like 5 yrs old & rotting)
3- Treadmill (so that if I'm exhausted to do multiple excercises on the Wii Fit I'll just do that for 30 mins)

I hope to have a good weekend & a lovely week~ Sunday I'm attending my first conference as a representative from my organization & I'm super nervous. I'll be more freaked out if my colleague couldn't come with me~

Hope you all have a lovely weekend/holiday & a good week.
Take Care <3

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