Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dancing M&M's

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well :D
I'm doing quite well.
I worked out today & didn't lose any weight @.@; it gonna bummed me down~
But then I had the randomness to clean up my cabinet & my vanity.
In my cabinet, there were  tons & tons of tote bags & laptop bags 0.0; so I threw all that & kept what I'll definitely be using. Cleaning out does something to me & my mom also feels that clarity feeling (you do experience that?).

That's my vanity. I rearranged it for the 3rd time since mom & I moved to our new house.
I've been looking for like a pretty-fancy-box-like where I can put in my perfumes but never found one.
While I was cleaning my cabinet, I found a shoe box & wrapped with extra gift wrap I had & added some ribbons as a finish decoration. It looks pretty k0ool & really happy to have thought of that.
Mom was proud & happy. She sighed loudly "finally you did" :p ya cleaning was long over do~

For dinner tonight, I had...

Fruit salad mixed with a bit of mayo & Lipton Clear Green in Mixed Berries flavor.
...tasted really awful!! I dunno maybe because it was canned fruits ?! the mayo was good & so as the juice (no I didn't eat the mayo alone of course!!! its flavor on the fruits was good).
I know for sure I'm not doing it again!!

It's finally the weekend here in Dubai (UAE) so I hope you have a lovely weekend. As everyone else in different countries, I believe that you're still on weekdays but your weekend is close so look forward to it ^-^

Take Care Everyone!! <3

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