Thursday, November 4, 2010

Milk Chocolate Bar

Tonight I had:

Omelet sandwich & apple. It was suppose to an omelet but as I was trying to fold the egg & remove it from the pan, the tore apart and triple folded itself until it became some sort of egg rolled up thingie to a small size (even though the egg is large) x.x; so I put it in a sandwich and slice it up to ease my disappointment. For desert, I sliced up apples & ate it as I watched "So You Think You Can Dance?" season 6.

My latest work in progress. I'm drawing one of Korean's girl group "Rainbow". They're currently promoting their single "Mach". The concept is black & white & looking sexy (I hope I some what bring that up). I just finished scanning them & I'll start working on them & will do my best to finish soon 'coz soon enough I'll be having a tough schedule & will have a hard time drawing.

Take care everyone!!

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