Friday, November 5, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies~

Hey everyone!
Remember the energetic me that was planning to draw & clean my room? well...that kinda flushed down the toilet >.>;
Instead this afternoon I went to my cousin's house who I see almost every weekend~
This is the makeup I put:

Dark purple eyeshadow around my top & half of my bottom eyelids, black gel eyeliner on top eyelids & mascara. I usually don't put make up when I go to my cousin's house, but I wanted to try it out.
Some scenery on my way to cousin's house.

When I got to her house, she was watching a popular TV show that ended years ago "Will & Grace" on her computer. So I joined her

Some shots from the show. Eventhough it was old show, my cousin & I love it so much! It's really funny XD

While my cousin was on the phone I decided to bug her cat, Kin who I sometimes call "Her Royal Majesty" 'cause she just acts like one
Here she is playing with the strap of my camera. She can be so annoying yet can't help not love her.
My cousin had this giant cup cake pot thing!! It's huge, I think she got it from Candylicious~
My cousin's sunglasses ^^- she let me borrow it~ k0o0ol huh? it's from Charles & Keith when they were on sale. I was with her when she bought it & few others :p
While my cousin went to the washroom, I wore one of her eyeglasses~ sparkle sparkle! Really pretty :D One day I'll save up enough to get such eye glasses <3

It's getting late so I gotta go to bed. Tomorrow morning I'm going 'plant shopping' with mom. I wonder how that will turn out >.>;

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