Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rose Scented Chocolate

Hi everyone!!!
This morning my mom & I gone 'plant shopping' for like 3 hours. The weather was awesome (partially cloudy, partially sunny)

Few minutes we reached to the area that suppose to take us to our destination. Enjoy the scenery :D

This is Sharjah. One of the seven emirates of the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). The last shot shows the old gold souq (market) in Sharjah. It was a bit difficult to take pictures properly until I realized that I have an option to take moving objects >.>;
Anyways, half an hour later, we got to our destination. In English, it translates to "plant nursery".

We were in one part of the area. In the last picture, you can see that there are more 'plant shops' down the road. But for today, mom checked one place & she really enjoyed herself today among the plants :3
Of course, while she was doing that, she was bargaining with the guy for lower price XD

This one of the plants she bargained for~

While my mom was shopping for her plants, I walked around to the beautiful flowers.
Please enjoy <3

Two hours later, we were done & created a jungle in the car (thanks to my mom's idea~)

Here are some scenery as we are heading back home.
 As we were heading back home, we realized that wasn't just 'plant shops' just at the end of the road, there was also around the corner and even further down the road!! Mom freaked out @.@

I really had a good day eventhough I was sweating & waiting for my mom to finish~ I was feeling happy because I'm finally experiencing my favorite weather~

Hope you're having a good day/night :)

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