Friday, November 19, 2010

Lite Chocolate Almond

Hi everyone!!! It's been few days but I really miss writing here!!! <3
Hope you're all doing!! Muslims celebrating Eid Al Adha (more information), hope you had a nice hoiday with your families ^-^

Yes I have been busy with Al Adha, spent time fixing my self & greet out neighbors~ Quite a busy day. We were suppose to expect someone all afternoon through out evening but they never showed up >.>

Tuessday, 16th, November, 2010
Here's the outfit from top looks like~ a flower lacey top, with a cream black dress & leggings under.
Gold bracelets & black & gold necklace & pearl headband.

That's my gorgeous Aldo shoes & the dress from the bottom.

This is the hairstyle I did. I had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my hair >.>

As we were waiting, the weather was gorgeous~

On the 2nd day (Wednesday, 17th, November, 2010), I wasn't feeling well at all. My emotions went 'kookoo' & I was sleepy & cold all day!! I was just feeling soo miserable~

Later at night, I had a double cheese burger for dinner.

Thursday 18th, November, 2010

I went to my cousin's house & crazy enough her phone had missing all afternoon & then later in the evening, one of her maids found a tissue box!!! Call us crazy, but really, it was there!! We dunno how it got there but that's where it was~
We watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch (yay for the year 2000, had pretty good series at the time) & played Fable 3.
I borrowed some nail polish from my cousin & started playing with 'em after I got home.

A blue & pink from Essie & a white & dark purple from Nail Station.
I polka dotted my nails with them & I was immediately reminded of winter & snow that never happens in Dubai (of course if that happened, then something crazy is going on).
But when I woke up this morning (Friday) it was completely smudged & really weird.
So I removed it & just put the blue one on~

Friday 19th November, 2010

Today morning the weather & sights in the sky was beautiful!!!

The sun was bright, but the brightness that annoys me~
After lunch, we went grocery shopping~

There was sunshine but beautiful breeze as well.
Some shots from our garden.

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the delicious London Dairy Lite Chocolate Almond ice cream.

I almost posted this post when my mom called me to take my share of...

Delicious pieces of cake!!!!

This is my share.

of course, I'm not having everything for dinner. I'll have a few bites~

I had a small bite of the cake but I kinda felt sick. So I put the cake in the fridge & just made myself noodles.

It turned out to be from Malaysia ( I picked one at the store really quick so I didn't check) & is totally different from some of the ones I had which were from China & here. It's chicken flavor & unlike other brands that I tried with Chicken flavor, I was able to taste it. Also, rather than having the oil & multiple additions for the noodle, all there was a soup base. The noodles before cooking them had this powder-ish feel on it so probably the flavor was there or it may just be in the soup base.

Alright I'm off~ I'll see you tomorrow!!!
Bye bye everyone! Take Care!!

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