Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chocolate Syrup

Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!
Mine is aright~

Friday I went to my cousin's house around 5pm. On my way, I encountered some beautiful scenery.

The sky was painted with fluffy orange clouds~The photos alone doesn't 100% show the beauty of the sky & clouds, but that's the best I was able to get of it.

At my cousin's, we just chilled & played Fable 3, Call of Duty & Silent Hill Home Coming (XBOX 360). One her cats decided to do a random pose for us

He was just licking himself when he suddenly posed for us XD We didn't know what went to his head but it was really hilarious~

Around 9:30 pm my cousin's cousin called & wondered if we could come over. Luckily for us, we were able to & stayed for like 2 hours.
It was fun & quite nice~

Today (Saturday) mom & I are going to visit my aunt & maybe drop by to see my sister & maybe go a bit of grocery shopping, just depends.

For the next month or 2 I'm aiming to get 3 things:

1- Blackberry Torch (I think its 9800. My cousin has it & its s0o0o k0oo0l!!!)
2- New pair of eye glasses (mine are like 5 yrs old & rotting)
3- Treadmill (so that if I'm exhausted to do multiple excercises on the Wii Fit I'll just do that for 30 mins)

I hope to have a good weekend & a lovely week~ Sunday I'm attending my first conference as a representative from my organization & I'm super nervous. I'll be more freaked out if my colleague couldn't come with me~

Hope you all have a lovely weekend/holiday & a good week.
Take Care <3

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chocolate Filled Caramel Pieces

Hi everyone!!! Hope you're well!!

I'm doing well ^-^

Been having a wonderful week~ slowly learning more about my job, meeting new people & just learning more about my work-surroundings ( I mean work environment).
It's pretty great & loving everything about it. I'm in a small team but it's wonderful!!! They're all so nice & fun!! Actually, the whole organization is fun & really k00o0ol~they're very open & flexible & I love that ^-^ I hope all things will go well for all of us. I'll work hard with them & learn fast to improve mysef & the organization!! <3

Take Care Everyone!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chocolate Milk

Good Morning/Good Evening World!
It's Sunday, 21st, Nov. 2010. I'm back in the work force ^-^
I'm nervous & excited.
My heart beats too fast. It's not like I've never worked. Just that it's a new place with new rules.
Like going to a new school. You meet new people, place & environment. Even if the same country. You can still feel the difference ^-^
I'll do my best to continue blogging because I really had fun once I got the hang of it.
Better go get ready!!!~

This is how 8 am looks like from my window.
I hope you all have a good day/night.

Take Care :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lite Chocolate Almond

Hi everyone!!! It's been few days but I really miss writing here!!! <3
Hope you're all doing!! Muslims celebrating Eid Al Adha (more information), hope you had a nice hoiday with your families ^-^

Yes I have been busy with Al Adha, spent time fixing my self & greet out neighbors~ Quite a busy day. We were suppose to expect someone all afternoon through out evening but they never showed up >.>

Tuessday, 16th, November, 2010
Here's the outfit from top looks like~ a flower lacey top, with a cream black dress & leggings under.
Gold bracelets & black & gold necklace & pearl headband.

That's my gorgeous Aldo shoes & the dress from the bottom.

This is the hairstyle I did. I had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my hair >.>

As we were waiting, the weather was gorgeous~

On the 2nd day (Wednesday, 17th, November, 2010), I wasn't feeling well at all. My emotions went 'kookoo' & I was sleepy & cold all day!! I was just feeling soo miserable~

Later at night, I had a double cheese burger for dinner.

Thursday 18th, November, 2010

I went to my cousin's house & crazy enough her phone had missing all afternoon & then later in the evening, one of her maids found a tissue box!!! Call us crazy, but really, it was there!! We dunno how it got there but that's where it was~
We watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch (yay for the year 2000, had pretty good series at the time) & played Fable 3.
I borrowed some nail polish from my cousin & started playing with 'em after I got home.

A blue & pink from Essie & a white & dark purple from Nail Station.
I polka dotted my nails with them & I was immediately reminded of winter & snow that never happens in Dubai (of course if that happened, then something crazy is going on).
But when I woke up this morning (Friday) it was completely smudged & really weird.
So I removed it & just put the blue one on~

Friday 19th November, 2010

Today morning the weather & sights in the sky was beautiful!!!

The sun was bright, but the brightness that annoys me~
After lunch, we went grocery shopping~

There was sunshine but beautiful breeze as well.
Some shots from our garden.

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the delicious London Dairy Lite Chocolate Almond ice cream.

I almost posted this post when my mom called me to take my share of...

Delicious pieces of cake!!!!

This is my share.

of course, I'm not having everything for dinner. I'll have a few bites~

I had a small bite of the cake but I kinda felt sick. So I put the cake in the fridge & just made myself noodles.

It turned out to be from Malaysia ( I picked one at the store really quick so I didn't check) & is totally different from some of the ones I had which were from China & here. It's chicken flavor & unlike other brands that I tried with Chicken flavor, I was able to taste it. Also, rather than having the oil & multiple additions for the noodle, all there was a soup base. The noodles before cooking them had this powder-ish feel on it so probably the flavor was there or it may just be in the soup base.

Alright I'm off~ I'll see you tomorrow!!!
Bye bye everyone! Take Care!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chocolate Whip Cream with Sprinkles

Update on the weather:

It turned out that is was raining a bit & now the clouds are slowly leaving. I took pics from different part of the house because in my room, the clouds are hanging out there, & personally, I love clouds so it doesn't bother me. I just looked out my window and the clouds are kind of leaving.

How's the weather on your end?

Take Care Everyone!

Chocolate Whip Cream

Hello everyone!! Hope you're all doing well.
Guess What?

yup. It's pretty cloudy & windy, the trees are swaying with the wind.
It may rain pretty hard soon. It's dark right now~
It's unfortunate but mom (with help  of course) cleaned the plants & took care of them this morning.
Seeing this sent mom in a frenzy of anger.
I keep looking through my window & so far no rain, just trees dancing to the winds beat.~
No matter what I do the weather is making me sleepy!! I need to do something active to stay awake @-@ I'll update you guys if something changed~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chocolate Marshmellows

Good Everyone! (or good evening to you ^^)

I somewhat had a tough night as I tried to go to sleep. Well I end up waking up @ 5:11 am & few minutes later the dawn prayer began. I got up to pray & when finished, I couldn't go back to sleep until like 7-ish (thank goodness it was weekend). I woke up @ 9:30 am & right now I feel so much anger~
*sigh* I also feel s0o0o tired~ >.>

Yesterday was good. I went to my cousin's house & we did our usual~Watched Will & Grace Season 5 & she showed me a new game in XBox 360 called "Fable 3" (if you're a gamer, check it out it's pretty k0ool). My camera died on me yesterday so there's no pictures~ Sorry :<

I hope you all have a good day/night. I'm wishing it for myself too 'coz I got some things to do~
Bye Bye!! <3

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dancing M&M's

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well :D
I'm doing quite well.
I worked out today & didn't lose any weight @.@; it gonna bummed me down~
But then I had the randomness to clean up my cabinet & my vanity.
In my cabinet, there were  tons & tons of tote bags & laptop bags 0.0; so I threw all that & kept what I'll definitely be using. Cleaning out does something to me & my mom also feels that clarity feeling (you do experience that?).

That's my vanity. I rearranged it for the 3rd time since mom & I moved to our new house.
I've been looking for like a pretty-fancy-box-like where I can put in my perfumes but never found one.
While I was cleaning my cabinet, I found a shoe box & wrapped with extra gift wrap I had & added some ribbons as a finish decoration. It looks pretty k0ool & really happy to have thought of that.
Mom was proud & happy. She sighed loudly "finally you did" :p ya cleaning was long over do~

For dinner tonight, I had...

Fruit salad mixed with a bit of mayo & Lipton Clear Green in Mixed Berries flavor.
...tasted really awful!! I dunno maybe because it was canned fruits ?! the mayo was good & so as the juice (no I didn't eat the mayo alone of course!!! its flavor on the fruits was good).
I know for sure I'm not doing it again!!

It's finally the weekend here in Dubai (UAE) so I hope you have a lovely weekend. As everyone else in different countries, I believe that you're still on weekdays but your weekend is close so look forward to it ^-^

Take Care Everyone!! <3

Dark Chocolate Icecream

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good day/night.
Mine was alright.

It's been a week since I changed my food lifestyle & feel really good. Always feeling light is a really good feeling. (Totally different kind of good feeling I get from the rain).
I treated  myself to Maltesers  ice cream & it tasted kinda thick for me. Maybe it's because I haven't had it in a long time :p

Late afternoon, I was kinda lazy while drawing so I tried out think makeup tutorial I saw on Youtube.
How to do Make Up like KARA's Goo Hara (K-Pop group) (Click the link).

Here's how it turned out on me.

I really liked how this make up made me feel. I'm no expert but I felt my eyes opened up even more.
It'd be interesting if you tried & let me know how did it turn out for you ^-^

Tonight's dinner:

Yup. Turkey slices on brown bread with 2 cheeses. I made a mistake adding lots of mozzarella cheese coz, although it tasted good, it stuffed my stomach pretty quick.
As I finished watching tv, it was 10:30pm and I was already exhausted but I need to work out since I didn't do anything yesterday. It doubled my exhaustion so I did it pretty quick & here I am writing this about to go to sleep as I listen to my new addiction song.

Super Junior Ryeowook- Smile Again

Weither you're into K-Pop or not, I hope you take the time to listen to this song & enjoy it. Even if you don't understand the meaning, the singer (Ryeowook) has a soft & delicate voice. I love it so much that I feel like crying just from listening to it. The track has been released only few hours ago so~
Well hope you enjoy it <3

Take care everyone ^-^

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you're all doing well <3
I am beyond happy!! So super happy!! All day this morning, it was cloudy & just kept a smile on my face -^.^-

But the best part is around 5pm, it was RAINING!!!!
Yes!! That's how excited I was!! I even poked my head out & let the rain wash my face (& mess my curtains a bit) :D
I dunno how much to describe my happiness!!! It made me forget about everything & just enjoy the moment.
I tried to take good pictures to show you the rain but...well judge yourself.

From my window room~it was kinda windy & just really fun XD
I hope it'll rain again tomorrow~^^

Take Care Everyone <3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rose Scented Chocolate

Hi everyone!!!
This morning my mom & I gone 'plant shopping' for like 3 hours. The weather was awesome (partially cloudy, partially sunny)

Few minutes we reached to the area that suppose to take us to our destination. Enjoy the scenery :D

This is Sharjah. One of the seven emirates of the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). The last shot shows the old gold souq (market) in Sharjah. It was a bit difficult to take pictures properly until I realized that I have an option to take moving objects >.>;
Anyways, half an hour later, we got to our destination. In English, it translates to "plant nursery".

We were in one part of the area. In the last picture, you can see that there are more 'plant shops' down the road. But for today, mom checked one place & she really enjoyed herself today among the plants :3
Of course, while she was doing that, she was bargaining with the guy for lower price XD

This one of the plants she bargained for~

While my mom was shopping for her plants, I walked around to the beautiful flowers.
Please enjoy <3

Two hours later, we were done & created a jungle in the car (thanks to my mom's idea~)

Here are some scenery as we are heading back home.
 As we were heading back home, we realized that wasn't just 'plant shops' just at the end of the road, there was also around the corner and even further down the road!! Mom freaked out @.@

I really had a good day eventhough I was sweating & waiting for my mom to finish~ I was feeling happy because I'm finally experiencing my favorite weather~

Hope you're having a good day/night :)