Friday, September 30, 2011

Crepe with Chocolate Syrup (Highlights of the Week)

This week has been pretty awesome and I absolutely enjoyed it so much!

My boss got back from vacation on Sunday and we (the team) missed her so much! She got us 'tajin' which is like a small pot-ish thing that they put in salt & cinnamon in Morocco, instead of pepper.

Next week, we got Customer Service week (which is a program prepared by the higher people in the presidency to promote the importance of customer service) and my office mate prepared alot so I hope it works out really well!

OMG on the 27th me and some of my colleagues/friends had the opportunity to watch this!!!

Yup! We went to watch "Joseph Clark- The Music of Queen (Special Opening)"!!! My first umm musical...well it's not really a musical, it's kinda like a concert~ Anyways, it was my first time and it was incredible!! I don't know all of their songs so this concert was an eye opening for me :)
That also made me understand why concerts are awesome and important! When you're there hearing them live, it's amazing and gives you a better reason to love the music! and you are surrounded by people that enjoy it! XD my seat mate and I were just singing along to the songs and the concert got super awesome as it was ending!! Thank you Freddy Mercury and May You Rest in Peace.

After that night, I had a long nice coversation with my best friend and admit to her that I made a long deep reflection about myself. I'm finally starting to be more aware about myself and slowly begin to love myself. I still say things like "it's because I'm stupid" but only because it's a full honest reason to something stupid gone wrong. I'm slowly learning the things that I like to do and to look at as something maybe for a career. MAYBE~ To clarify myself, lately I've been enjoying having people's company and love to talk to them and hear them what they say. I love humanly connection and understanding how our brains works. When no one's around me, I get really sad and lonely! That is so strange and new to me because I used to enjoy being alone!! X0

The next day was my birthday :) I turned 24! The first time in 2 years that I felt so much happiness and gratefulness of the many things that I've gone through and learned. My job, my work place is the BEST! All the colleagues came to me and congratulated to me and made my day a big deal!!! I was continuously speechless when someone congratulates me! I was super happy!
What's awesome about my office is that every month they throw a birthday party for those people's birthday on that month!
My boss took us out to lunch and, of course, I devoured myself with sushi!! No food satisfies me the way sushi does! Not even chocolate!! heheh :D My boss and team member/friend surprised me and my other team member (because he's also September boy) with gifts and cards!! It was amazing what they got me I couldn't believe they got me this!!!

I still couldn't believe it! And the card was cute too! I played it Thursday night and today morning (Friday 30th). It's a super k0oo0l workout! If you love dancing rather than typical exercise, then this is for you.

I love my job and I love my workplace! Very untypical and almost everyone there is young and happy and excited!  I thank all my colleagues for being themselves! And I thank my best friend for being there for me and loving me lots!! I love you!! <3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Before I Turn 24

OMG my poor blog!!! TT.TT; I feel bad for ditching it again because of work and me being too lazy >..>

Nevertheless, I decided to share with you this reflection of myself before I turn 24. It wasn't easy to write it but here it is!

Ever since I started my working life, I didn't draw as much as I used to. I probably drew on weekends. When I started working at my second job (my current job), I completely stopped drawing and would go for months not holding the pencil or open in Photoshop and doodle with my tablet. It just took most of my is gone as I am in the office early morning and not back until night time. I always get home exhausted and too tired to do or deal with anything at home.

Working in my current job actually helped me alot and opened my eyes to many things I was unaware of and of things I didn't want to admit to.

The biggest epiphany I had was on the last few weeks of August. I had to do a revision with my boss regarding my next steps as a career woman. Most of the questions were things like "Where do you see yourself in the next xx years", "what job career are you looking to do next" etc. and all I had was question marks bouncing on my head and my manager really wanted to whack me for not knowing what I want to do next. I was plainly honest when I said I didn't know. She was shocked. I think she was really surprised how is someone like me confused and unsure.
Since then, I  also couldn't stop thinking. I didn't think it was weird, but I thought how am I going to move on in life if I don't know what I want?

As I continue to think, suddenly it hit me. I now know why I stopped drawing. I now know why I don't know what I want.
It's because I gave up on myself. Not just as a career woman. But as a human being. I gave up trying my best. I gave up believing and learning for myself. I stopped caring that I can be good to great to awesome. I thought I'd be ok with just doing my job as a regular employee.
Eventhough I love art and drawing animation, I stopped and gave up because I didn't believe I could improve because there were others who were better than me. It scared me. It intimidated me. So I settled with what I got and didn't care about myself to not disappoint anyone.

I decided for the last few days as a 23 yr old, I started to do the following:

. To love myself and adore who I am because no one will
. To take care of myself because no one will
. To appreciate myself and what I have because I am unique and will continue to learn what makes me unique
. To not look down at myself
. To not be afraid to teach when I can
. To work hard in not hurting myself
. Never giving up without a fight
. To open up and talk to others
. To be more honest
. To stop being scared
. To keep trying everything

I will continue to do so and practice it forever because no one will do this for me and no matter what good things people say about me, I won't believe it.

I realized the way I think is not fair and is hurtful for me.

There are a few people I want to thank for this epiphany: First and foremost, God, my bosses, my team, my office-mate and a few other people whom I got close to in the office.
I love my job and my workplace. I am very lucky to be hired there and I will use this opportunity to the fullest.

I am learning and growing. I want to change myself for the better and make everyone proud of me. And that's what I am and will continue to do and make everyone who really cares proud of me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It may seem all confusing...I am sorry I just wrote how I felt and I just had a strong desire to post this before I get busy with something else.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dark Chocolate

Everyone says the hardest thing to do is saying goodbye. It is true.
It's been five months & I had to say goodbye to alot of good people. But I'm more saddened to the upcoming farewells that I'll have to face. I'm also stressed & afraid. I guess the fear of not being to do my job well without them, inquiries & such. I've been afraid since January and the sooner their departure arrives, the more I wish time could slow down but nothing goes as we want them to. I'm only crying on the inside, afraid to show it out. I don't want to create a depressing, sad atmosphere when they leave. After all, they've got their reasons and none are selfish reasons.
We just said farewell just last week. He was just a trainee, but he's been in Dubai for about a year and knew everyone. I knew him for few months only, but I was happy to have an opportunity to work with him. I wish him all the best of luck & thank him for teaching me alot XD
Next week, I'm bidding farewell to another great colleague who was the most annoying, silly & always gets himself into trouble XD He taught & trained me from A to Z about my current job & his. He helped me quite a lot when my boss & my other team member were on leave.
I will not admit it to him but I am going to miss him. I bet everyone will miss him. The office will lose its craziness without him. I wish him all the best of luck in his new job and hope he gets many opportunities in his life :)
A month later, I'll be also saying farewell to another great colleague who I currently share an office. Our desks are facing eachother so it'll be weird for me not to see her. She has really strong reasons to leave and I support her because she's a new mother & has to be with her baby & family. I was lucky to know her because when I joined in, she was on maternity leave. It wasn't until early February that I got to know her and talk to her.
I'm really nervous & frightened. I don't know what's coming up next and I'm nervous to work with my new colleagues. Well, one of them is good because he did a few weeks of training with us so I'm comfortable working with him. I still don't know about the other colleague as my boss still hasn't found anyone.
While I can't control the days and the major events that will occur, I have and will always cherish the memories that we were and are creating together and keep them to heart always.

Thank you so much for teaching me! I love you guys so much!!! Please stay in touch and take care of yourselves!!! <3

K-Pop (Korean Pop) Song of the day/night:
I have been listening to this song ever since they debuted a few days ago.
They're an all girl Korean group called "APink".  They sang a song called "Wishlist", which I'm in love with right now.
Please give it a listen ^-^

Another k-pop song I've been listening to alot is Super Junior K.R.Y. "Fly". They sang this track as the theme song for "Superstar K3" (which is an audition show very similar to American Idol) and this is it's third season (hence the K3) which will start soon.
It leans into rock more than pop and really energetic. The song, in short, encourages people to follow their hearts and make their dreams come true.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainbow Bright Cookies

After 6 years, I finally exchanged my eye glasses for contact lenses!! I'm really excited! It's been a week now & it's really k0o0ol! I'm using the dailys (Johnsons & Johnsons 1-Day Acuvue Moist). I can barely feel it on my after placing it on my eye~ ^.^~

Other than that, this weekend (Thursday & Saturday) I went quick shopping! Here's what I got:
I found this k0o0ol under eye face care sheet. I didn't really understand what it does, but there's four sheets in each pack and you put on each under your eye for 10 minutes.
It left a nice cool feeling, because when you sleep late and wake up early and your life is in front the computer, your under eyes darkens and has this red undertone (at least that's what I have), you might feel like it's really hot and you feel really tired. It really works for me so I'm going to purchase again.
(you can find it in Daiso, the Japanese store. In UAE, it's AED 7.)

I also fake lashes and glue. Reality wise, I don't need them because I got full lashes, but I'm curious to try them on.

I also bought a duo sponge to apply powder easily under my eyes.

Today I went to The Face Shop & since summer is back, I got nothing to protect my face ( I already have tons of facial issues X.X). So I got one with SPF 50+

It's not pretty clear in the image (unfortunately) but when you first put it, there's a lavender color in the cream, but when you rub it, the colors goes and has a nice soft slight floral scent to it.

I also bought body spray (body mist, or as it's called shower cologne). It's in honey suckle & smells s0o0oo sweeet! However, it's not the overwhelming sweetness that I'm attracted to. It's a soft sweetness that can be used in summer~ They have another one (I don't remember it but it's pinkish-purple) but that's exhaustingly sweet and the scent goes away in an hour! The honey suckle stayed for more than 6 hours!! That's a first for me~

Because I have The Face shop discount card, I am able to get two free masks! One is my favorite Tea Tree & Bergamot. It's really feels clean and fresh :)
They also gave me a Power Treatment Gel Mask- Whitening. The sales lady says it's good for my skin, so I'll let you know how it went.

An hour ago, I finished a drawing I started last week:

This is Raina, a member from a korean girl group After School/ Orange Caramel. They're promoting their digital track "Bangkok City." It's a k0o0ol song to dance to, like the kind of song you hear in a club :D

Tomorrow is Sunday again & I gotta go back to work again *sigh*. Why are the days going by fast? or is it that people believe that they need to finish things in a rush >.> it's getting annoying because I can't enjoy my weekend anymore~

Oh well. Have a good day/evening and be happy~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U-KISS(유키스) 0330 M/V Full ver.

I just wanted to share this beautiful song/ music video (MV) sung by the Korean international boy group U-Kiss (international because some of them lived abroad and can speak more than one language).
They just released their mini album "Bran New Kiss" & will promoting their title track "0330" tomorrow Mar 31st.
Earlier today, they released the official MV to "0330" in their official youtube channel "ukiss2008"
No one has released with subtitles yet, but I found a small description about it in "“0330″ stands for 3:30AM – a time of restlessness for those who have yet to fall asleep. It tells the story of a man who is unable to sleep after breaking up with his girlfriend. His grieving heart is expressed soulfully through the song’s soft lyrics and melody."
It's quite a really sad song realizing how sad it is, but it gives a beautiful & soft vibe to it. I listened to it once and fell in love with it!!
And now, of course, it's stuck in my brain XD

Good Luck U-Kiss!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Choco Pie!

I'm feeling better now than I have. Flu & cough are gone but sore throat still there~

I went grocery shopping with mom. The super market we went to also has a furniture store in it, McDonalds, a shrimp take out, pharmacy & Daiso (a store that imports Japanese products). We passed by Daiso to get a few items. My mom fell in love with their buckets which each cost AED7 (1.9$, 155 Yen, 1.1 pounds, 2,114 Won) & we bought a new pair of indoor slippers for our housemaid. I, being a over to South East Asia/ Japan, couldn't help not buy something for myself. :D

Slippers to wear as I walk in my room (AED12 - 3$, 265 Yen, 2 pounds, 3,624 Won) , cotton buds for my ears (AED7-1.9$, 155 Yen, 1.1 pounds, 2,114 Won), on the right is a travel toothbrush & toothpaste.

I'm more excited over the toothbrush travel kit because it comes with a zipped bag & won't worry about messing my bag XD
Did I mention the color of the brush is pink?

I passed by the pharmacy before heading back home & the pharmacist recommended my these.

The one on the left is like Strepsils, except has a minty/spearmint to it. I have to take them every 2 hours. The one on the right is an antibiotic that I had to take 2 capsules 2 hours before & after meals. But it only has 6 capsules?! Well apparently it's not an issue really~

This afternoon I had a snack that reminded me of highschool & my classmates :) 
Hot Flamin' Cheetos chips & yogurt! Yes as a dip! it's a mix of cold & spicy :) I know I'm not suppose to have anything cold but I couldn't help it! I was craving XD
One of my classmates would always buy a giant bag of it & lots of yogurt for all of us to eat during lunch break XD

I mentioned before that I bought a mask from The Face Shop "Tea Tree & Bergamot". And I tried it out yesterday. It was really cooling but I some what felt a tad bit greasy. Maybe because of the remains of the formula that I feel this way~ It suppose to be good for oily/combination skin & used every 2-3 weeks. I'd buy another sheet once I get the opportunity again :3

I hope I'll get better tomorrow. A weeks being sick isn't k0o0ol at all 0.0;

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chocolate Eggs

Hey everyone! Long time no writing!!
I feel bad and need to pull myself together and write more!!! I got used to being lazy all the time that it became a good excuse for myself @.@

Got lots to say & show so I hope you stick around to see the fun sweetness I had!

Few weeks back, the Sales department in my office has invited us to Dubai Marina, where people can rent a boat, yacht etc & go around even to the middle of the ocean for like half an hour or so. It's a whole new experience for me and is really k0o0ol!! Personally, since I can't swim, I thank God we had a safe ride & made it back to land safely. Plus the weather dramatically changed from nice summer-ish day to a foggy cold afternoon/evening. 0.0;

We were taken on a yellow speed boat (also known as "rubber duck" in South Africa) & went around for half an hour & the sights are just amazing!!!

 It was amazing! In all honesty, it's one of those things that I'll only do once & never again!!! XD

Last week, I went shopping for 2 reasons: my colleague/friend's birthday was last Tuesday & to buy me a new skin & hair care. All the products I bought from from The Face Shop (just in case, none of them were sponsored).

For my colleague/friend, I got her a blush & also can be used as eye shadow in a shade of "02 Pink Nuance." It's quite shimmery so she can use it when she goes on vacation to the beach! or just in summer :)

From left to right: Trio eyeshadow in the shade of "Gold Brown", matter pink lipstick, tint lip/cheek, liquid eye liner.

From left to right: Maybelline's Volum Express The Colossal Waterproof Mascara (for my colleague/friend), Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in back (for my colleague/friend), Soul Sweet Pleasure perfume, gel eyeliner brush, angled face brush (I used it to apply blush and it's great!), 3 facial masks: rice mask & black bean from the cereal mask sheet collection (for my colleague/friend) & tea tree mask for me.

Lips balms & two lip glosses.

For myself, I bought the Keratin Intense Care line (from left: hair mask, conditioner, shampoo & serum). It smells really good and hope it'll help with my hair problems XO This collection is pretty good for you if you have damaged hair (dyed, using heat on it all the time, hair sprays, chemicals, etc). It's suppose to keep your hair soft, shiny, healthy and decreases your split ends. I'll tell you more about it few weeks time to see if it is actually doing it's thing or not.

I also found a new skin care that I'm happy with so far. From left: Clean Face White Acne Solution Foam Cleanser, Quick & Clean toner & moisturizer.  It's good for oily skin (well it's oil free) with lots of acne and all that. It's been keeping my skin balanced. However, the reason why the sales lady recommended me the Clean Face White line rather than the facial from the Quick & Clean line is because, as she said, my skin is really oily & prone to acne/ pimples (which it is) & needs something stronger. I'll give a better review in 30 days 'coz I heard from beauty gurus that results for skin products don't show until a month later.

I also got the (from left) Clean Face White Post Acne Brightening Serum & Post Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser. They both are suppose to help reduce the acne spots that remains on my face. I'm not sure but I'm beginning to notice the ones in my forehead are decreasing or maybe it was already fading & I didn't notice? I'll take better notice the next time!!

 This week (Sunday 19th) I've been having sore throat which developed into flu & fever & cough. I couldn't risk being off for the day at work. I needed to be there in the office. But yesterday, my manager actually made me go home because she'd rather have me a day off rather than a week 0.o; so I left later in the afternoon on Thursday (24th) and just directly went to bed, to wake up to today (Friday 25th)! It's pretty crazy but I decided to make the most out of my weekend and finally I did something productive for myself (such as writing this long blog post XD).

There are 2 K-pop that I've been into lately. One, his name is K.Will. He's currently promoting his title track "My Heart is Beating." It's such a sweet happy song about confessing your love! I listen to it every single morning! Click on the link to watch with English subtitles.

The other is from an artist name Wheesung. He just recently made his comeback with the title track "Words That Freezes My Heart" ft. B2ST JunHyung. It's a sad ballad about breaking up & bidding farewell to your love. It's dramatic but worth listening to.

There's also randomly stuck in my head. Now, I say randomly because it's one those songs that you listen to once & not like it much but it's stuck in your head!! >.<; well, now, I like it~
This Korean girl group made their comeback few days ago & promoting a track called "Twinkle Twinkle".  Have a look!

Before I bid you goodbye, I would like to share one last thing with you.
As you all know what happened on March 11th at 2:30 pm, a 9.0 mgh earthquake hit the northern part of Japan. Many lost their homes & worse, lives. To help support the victims, here's something you can do. Visit this blogger who create really cute items herself. She made this Japanese-inspired pouch & is selling it. She'll be donating 30%  the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund. You can read about it here:

You can also go to Japanese Red Cross & donate there as well:

If you can not donate, then your prayers will definitely help, especially when you mean it from the heart.

Thank you & Take Care.