Saturday, March 26, 2011

Choco Pie!

I'm feeling better now than I have. Flu & cough are gone but sore throat still there~

I went grocery shopping with mom. The super market we went to also has a furniture store in it, McDonalds, a shrimp take out, pharmacy & Daiso (a store that imports Japanese products). We passed by Daiso to get a few items. My mom fell in love with their buckets which each cost AED7 (1.9$, 155 Yen, 1.1 pounds, 2,114 Won) & we bought a new pair of indoor slippers for our housemaid. I, being a over to South East Asia/ Japan, couldn't help not buy something for myself. :D

Slippers to wear as I walk in my room (AED12 - 3$, 265 Yen, 2 pounds, 3,624 Won) , cotton buds for my ears (AED7-1.9$, 155 Yen, 1.1 pounds, 2,114 Won), on the right is a travel toothbrush & toothpaste.

I'm more excited over the toothbrush travel kit because it comes with a zipped bag & won't worry about messing my bag XD
Did I mention the color of the brush is pink?

I passed by the pharmacy before heading back home & the pharmacist recommended my these.

The one on the left is like Strepsils, except has a minty/spearmint to it. I have to take them every 2 hours. The one on the right is an antibiotic that I had to take 2 capsules 2 hours before & after meals. But it only has 6 capsules?! Well apparently it's not an issue really~

This afternoon I had a snack that reminded me of highschool & my classmates :) 
Hot Flamin' Cheetos chips & yogurt! Yes as a dip! it's a mix of cold & spicy :) I know I'm not suppose to have anything cold but I couldn't help it! I was craving XD
One of my classmates would always buy a giant bag of it & lots of yogurt for all of us to eat during lunch break XD

I mentioned before that I bought a mask from The Face Shop "Tea Tree & Bergamot". And I tried it out yesterday. It was really cooling but I some what felt a tad bit greasy. Maybe because of the remains of the formula that I feel this way~ It suppose to be good for oily/combination skin & used every 2-3 weeks. I'd buy another sheet once I get the opportunity again :3

I hope I'll get better tomorrow. A weeks being sick isn't k0o0ol at all 0.0;

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