Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double Chocolate Cookies

Finally I got the opportunity to go shopping!!!

It was a quick one though and just got what I needed~

After my dentist appointment, I passed by The Face Shop, a South Korean based store, and grabbed a couple of items:

1-Cleansing Rice Water face make up Remover AED 39
2-Lip & eye make up remover AED 39
3- Two nail polish  AED 24
4- Nail sticker   AED 10

Before leaving, I grabbed their catalogue to see what else do they sell & how much it costs.

I was looking for a blush brush since mine was too old and falling apart! The saleswoman said this brush is multi-purpose and can be used as a blush~
Hopefully it can do that because it seems to be more of a perfect foundation brush.
But it is a super soft brush I've never felt something like it ever!

They gave me a gel mask to try out for free! A review about it will follow soon.

The make up removers were pretty good & they actually remove the make up completely. The cleansing rice water has a lovely fragrance!!

Afterwards, I passed by Plug-Ins to buy headphones.

It costs AED 39. My heart was broken but I needed a new one since mine doesn't work anymore :<
I couldn't get myself to buy a pink headphones coz they cost around AED 100~

Before leaving, I realized that I forgot to buy a clear nail polish to give my nails a nice shine, so I quickly passed by Skin Food, another South Korean store.

I also couldn't help but get 2 crystal nail stickers~ They were so cute! Unfortunately I don't remember how much they cost but in total it was AED 50 >. >

I'm really happy I was finally able to go shopping even if it was quick after a long time :D Really brought happiness to my day :3

Take Care! <3

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