Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Stick

Ahhh!!! Hi Everyone!!
Once again, we're getting close to the end of the month & year!!!
I've been feeling so festive lately!! (ya I know, weirdo!!)
As a muslim, I don't celebrate Christmas or anything, but for a very long time, December is my favorite month only because it gets cold & Christmas!! No I don't have my own tree~ (well I have a plant that will die if I try to decorate it :p) & I don't buy gifts for my friends or family~ (I'd be smacked in the head). I guess I've always loved how people become when it Christmas & so much love is in the air!!
Well, nothing much happened this week~ just work :)
One of my colleagues has gone on maternity leave :3 I already miss her. XD
Right now, I'm feeling pretty lazy since I was laying in bed all afternoon, so I just got up and decided to have a lil something to get more working

uh-ha!!! ice cream!!! ya I think its weird to have ice cream right now but :) im enjoying it!!!
the cover reminded me of Christmas but im not sure why~

Here's how it looks~

I'm enjoying it :D

I wish you all enjoy the rest of the year and will be able to end it wit a smile on your face.
Enjoy Christmas!!! & if you dont celebrate it, well have happy times :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Raspberry Choclate Pudding

Hi Everyone!! Hope you're well!!
I had an alright week until I got some sad news...

It was an ordinary week: work. home work. home. For once, I like this routine.
Except, I didn't go to my cousin's since she had to study for her exams & work on projects.

Yesterday (Friday 10th Dec), I was sitting on my computer chair normally while browsing online & suddenly I heard a crack. I turned around and checked under my chair and didn't find anything strange. When I got back to my seat, before I knew it, I came crashing down to the ground. Yes, the chair broke 0.o; I still don't understand how.

I still wonder why it cracked~ My mom said I am not sitting normally and always crashing it around or something 0.0? *sigh*
Well, not only that, I got a giant bruise/bump on my left thighs & was hurting alot.
Mom made a remedy of hers and put it on thighs so I think that's easing the pain~

It's been quite festive at work lately since Christmas is around the corner. I dont know why, but I also get happy & festive-ish when it's December >.> I can't explain why and my colleagues find me a weirdo :p heheh~

I'll go get dinner now & watch some K-tv shows!
Take Care Everyone! Hope you'll have a lovely week <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Belguim Chocolate Delight

Hi everyone!!! Hope you're doing well ^-^
I'm doing well~

Here's an update of what happened last week:

Sunday 28th-I attended a training regarding with Social Media & including it in my organization. I met alot of seniors & experts in the digital world. Eventhough it was like 6-8 hours long, it's still awesome & worth learning.

Monday-Wednesday was work. When I got home, a lovely package arrived for me & OMG I was really excited!!
I ordered some stuff from just to see how the whole online process works & successfully after like 4-5 weeks, I got my package :D (Lovely way to end my week~)
Here are the items that I ordered:

It came in this big white box :D

 Starting from top left going downwards & around to the right side)Etude House's Love Coach Fragrance & Lip Kit which contains a lip balm, lip gloss & perfume.  Tony Molly Whipping BB Cream. Canmade Gradation Wink Eye color in the shade of Strawberry Tart. Anna Sui lip gloss # 703. Etude House x Sanrio mini lip balm #1 Mini Peach.

 Here's a close up of the packaging of the BB cream.
 I was some what confused as to how to open it. I pulled up the cap and then realize that it was a brush...reminded me of a shaving cream :s then I turned the cap to find the BB Cream flopped up but luckily didn't make a giant mess~
I have tried it twice now & it something I need to use with caution!! It made my face white!!! So the 2nd time, I put small amounts on my finger tips & rubbed around my face. It turned out alright.

Anna Sui's lip gloss is pretty nice. Lovely nude color that I never had before. A little bit sticky though~

Canmake Gradation wink eye shadow is pretty gorgeous except for the fact that it's tiny!! Like you can put it in your makeup bag! Really cute.

Here's how it was with open lid. It's a bit shimmery & really reminded me of chocolate filled strawberry.

 I've done a bit of swatches, sorry if it isn't very clear. It's quite pigmented~

With my order I got a free coin purse~ it is super cute!!

That's the Etude House x Sanrio Hello Kitty Mini lip balm. I didn't it's a cellphone charm~
 Here it is opened. Lovely color & there's a small mirror inside.

Etude House's Love Coach Fragrance & Lip kit.
Lip gloss was super shiny. Perfume smelled pretty but half it was gone!! I really don't know how~ & Last lip balm, pretty good

 I also got a KATE gel eyeliner, except I chose the wrong shade. I received a dark blue color (BLU-1).

This is Homei x Hello Kitty Nail Polish in black color. Lots of pretty glitter with the black. Can't wait to try it!! (hope work wouldn't mind ^-^;)

Kao Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner for damaged, dull and brittle coloured, permed or rebonded hair.
OMG!! That's all I went when I smelled!! :D It smelled really REALLY good!! It has a pretty sweet scent~

 I also got something I've always wanted before: Oil paper!! (there's another word but I can't remember it >.>) Anna Sui Oil Control Paper. You never know when you're you need to wipe out the excess oil on your face ;) It's good for oily skin~
I was also given free samples: Skin Food Wrinkle Eye Cream.
Didn't try it yet~

I wanted to try out's clothing so I got this Style Mentor's Hooded Knit Pullover. This is how it looks like on the model. On me, well, I'm not petite or thin >.> so it fit me as a jacket and it wasn't as long as it is on the model & the sleeves wasn't long on me~

 Canmake Colorful Nails #32. Cute pink with lots of pretty glitter~ the bottle itself is s0o0o cute!!

Last, Anna Sui's Night of Fancy perfume. Really a fragrance suitable for evening outdoor.

If you love Asian products or just want a change & try out something new, go to & check it out.

Thursday Dec 2nd- my country celebrated 39 years of union & success. The world was colored with red, green, white & black~ A huge sense of patriotism washed on me. I continuously feel grateful for living in a safe united country. We had off from Thursday until today (Sunday).

Quick update on what happened:

Friday-I chilled at home & done continued working on a drawing I'm working on. I also played S4 League (more info click here).

Saturday- I went to visit my cousin. As always, we chilled & watched tv series~

Sunday- mom & I went driving around from 10:30 am & came back for lunch time. I took a few shots as we were out:

It's been a nice lovey holiday & I wish more will come but :< not anytime soon~

I hope we all have a good week :)

Take Care Everyone!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chocolate Syrup

Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!
Mine is aright~

Friday I went to my cousin's house around 5pm. On my way, I encountered some beautiful scenery.

The sky was painted with fluffy orange clouds~The photos alone doesn't 100% show the beauty of the sky & clouds, but that's the best I was able to get of it.

At my cousin's, we just chilled & played Fable 3, Call of Duty & Silent Hill Home Coming (XBOX 360). One her cats decided to do a random pose for us

He was just licking himself when he suddenly posed for us XD We didn't know what went to his head but it was really hilarious~

Around 9:30 pm my cousin's cousin called & wondered if we could come over. Luckily for us, we were able to & stayed for like 2 hours.
It was fun & quite nice~

Today (Saturday) mom & I are going to visit my aunt & maybe drop by to see my sister & maybe go a bit of grocery shopping, just depends.

For the next month or 2 I'm aiming to get 3 things:

1- Blackberry Torch (I think its 9800. My cousin has it & its s0o0o k0oo0l!!!)
2- New pair of eye glasses (mine are like 5 yrs old & rotting)
3- Treadmill (so that if I'm exhausted to do multiple excercises on the Wii Fit I'll just do that for 30 mins)

I hope to have a good weekend & a lovely week~ Sunday I'm attending my first conference as a representative from my organization & I'm super nervous. I'll be more freaked out if my colleague couldn't come with me~

Hope you all have a lovely weekend/holiday & a good week.
Take Care <3

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chocolate Filled Caramel Pieces

Hi everyone!!! Hope you're well!!

I'm doing well ^-^

Been having a wonderful week~ slowly learning more about my job, meeting new people & just learning more about my work-surroundings ( I mean work environment).
It's pretty great & loving everything about it. I'm in a small team but it's wonderful!!! They're all so nice & fun!! Actually, the whole organization is fun & really k00o0ol~they're very open & flexible & I love that ^-^ I hope all things will go well for all of us. I'll work hard with them & learn fast to improve mysef & the organization!! <3

Take Care Everyone!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chocolate Milk

Good Morning/Good Evening World!
It's Sunday, 21st, Nov. 2010. I'm back in the work force ^-^
I'm nervous & excited.
My heart beats too fast. It's not like I've never worked. Just that it's a new place with new rules.
Like going to a new school. You meet new people, place & environment. Even if the same country. You can still feel the difference ^-^
I'll do my best to continue blogging because I really had fun once I got the hang of it.
Better go get ready!!!~

This is how 8 am looks like from my window.
I hope you all have a good day/night.

Take Care :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lite Chocolate Almond

Hi everyone!!! It's been few days but I really miss writing here!!! <3
Hope you're all doing!! Muslims celebrating Eid Al Adha (more information), hope you had a nice hoiday with your families ^-^

Yes I have been busy with Al Adha, spent time fixing my self & greet out neighbors~ Quite a busy day. We were suppose to expect someone all afternoon through out evening but they never showed up >.>

Tuessday, 16th, November, 2010
Here's the outfit from top looks like~ a flower lacey top, with a cream black dress & leggings under.
Gold bracelets & black & gold necklace & pearl headband.

That's my gorgeous Aldo shoes & the dress from the bottom.

This is the hairstyle I did. I had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my hair >.>

As we were waiting, the weather was gorgeous~

On the 2nd day (Wednesday, 17th, November, 2010), I wasn't feeling well at all. My emotions went 'kookoo' & I was sleepy & cold all day!! I was just feeling soo miserable~

Later at night, I had a double cheese burger for dinner.

Thursday 18th, November, 2010

I went to my cousin's house & crazy enough her phone had missing all afternoon & then later in the evening, one of her maids found a tissue box!!! Call us crazy, but really, it was there!! We dunno how it got there but that's where it was~
We watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch (yay for the year 2000, had pretty good series at the time) & played Fable 3.
I borrowed some nail polish from my cousin & started playing with 'em after I got home.

A blue & pink from Essie & a white & dark purple from Nail Station.
I polka dotted my nails with them & I was immediately reminded of winter & snow that never happens in Dubai (of course if that happened, then something crazy is going on).
But when I woke up this morning (Friday) it was completely smudged & really weird.
So I removed it & just put the blue one on~

Friday 19th November, 2010

Today morning the weather & sights in the sky was beautiful!!!

The sun was bright, but the brightness that annoys me~
After lunch, we went grocery shopping~

There was sunshine but beautiful breeze as well.
Some shots from our garden.

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the delicious London Dairy Lite Chocolate Almond ice cream.

I almost posted this post when my mom called me to take my share of...

Delicious pieces of cake!!!!

This is my share.

of course, I'm not having everything for dinner. I'll have a few bites~

I had a small bite of the cake but I kinda felt sick. So I put the cake in the fridge & just made myself noodles.

It turned out to be from Malaysia ( I picked one at the store really quick so I didn't check) & is totally different from some of the ones I had which were from China & here. It's chicken flavor & unlike other brands that I tried with Chicken flavor, I was able to taste it. Also, rather than having the oil & multiple additions for the noodle, all there was a soup base. The noodles before cooking them had this powder-ish feel on it so probably the flavor was there or it may just be in the soup base.

Alright I'm off~ I'll see you tomorrow!!!
Bye bye everyone! Take Care!!