Friday, April 22, 2011

Dark Chocolate

Everyone says the hardest thing to do is saying goodbye. It is true.
It's been five months & I had to say goodbye to alot of good people. But I'm more saddened to the upcoming farewells that I'll have to face. I'm also stressed & afraid. I guess the fear of not being to do my job well without them, inquiries & such. I've been afraid since January and the sooner their departure arrives, the more I wish time could slow down but nothing goes as we want them to. I'm only crying on the inside, afraid to show it out. I don't want to create a depressing, sad atmosphere when they leave. After all, they've got their reasons and none are selfish reasons.
We just said farewell just last week. He was just a trainee, but he's been in Dubai for about a year and knew everyone. I knew him for few months only, but I was happy to have an opportunity to work with him. I wish him all the best of luck & thank him for teaching me alot XD
Next week, I'm bidding farewell to another great colleague who was the most annoying, silly & always gets himself into trouble XD He taught & trained me from A to Z about my current job & his. He helped me quite a lot when my boss & my other team member were on leave.
I will not admit it to him but I am going to miss him. I bet everyone will miss him. The office will lose its craziness without him. I wish him all the best of luck in his new job and hope he gets many opportunities in his life :)
A month later, I'll be also saying farewell to another great colleague who I currently share an office. Our desks are facing eachother so it'll be weird for me not to see her. She has really strong reasons to leave and I support her because she's a new mother & has to be with her baby & family. I was lucky to know her because when I joined in, she was on maternity leave. It wasn't until early February that I got to know her and talk to her.
I'm really nervous & frightened. I don't know what's coming up next and I'm nervous to work with my new colleagues. Well, one of them is good because he did a few weeks of training with us so I'm comfortable working with him. I still don't know about the other colleague as my boss still hasn't found anyone.
While I can't control the days and the major events that will occur, I have and will always cherish the memories that we were and are creating together and keep them to heart always.

Thank you so much for teaching me! I love you guys so much!!! Please stay in touch and take care of yourselves!!! <3

K-Pop (Korean Pop) Song of the day/night:
I have been listening to this song ever since they debuted a few days ago.
They're an all girl Korean group called "APink".  They sang a song called "Wishlist", which I'm in love with right now.
Please give it a listen ^-^

Another k-pop song I've been listening to alot is Super Junior K.R.Y. "Fly". They sang this track as the theme song for "Superstar K3" (which is an audition show very similar to American Idol) and this is it's third season (hence the K3) which will start soon.
It leans into rock more than pop and really energetic. The song, in short, encourages people to follow their hearts and make their dreams come true.

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