Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainbow Bright Cookies

After 6 years, I finally exchanged my eye glasses for contact lenses!! I'm really excited! It's been a week now & it's really k0o0ol! I'm using the dailys (Johnsons & Johnsons 1-Day Acuvue Moist). I can barely feel it on my after placing it on my eye~ ^.^~

Other than that, this weekend (Thursday & Saturday) I went quick shopping! Here's what I got:
I found this k0o0ol under eye face care sheet. I didn't really understand what it does, but there's four sheets in each pack and you put on each under your eye for 10 minutes.
It left a nice cool feeling, because when you sleep late and wake up early and your life is in front the computer, your under eyes darkens and has this red undertone (at least that's what I have), you might feel like it's really hot and you feel really tired. It really works for me so I'm going to purchase again.
(you can find it in Daiso, the Japanese store. In UAE, it's AED 7.)

I also fake lashes and glue. Reality wise, I don't need them because I got full lashes, but I'm curious to try them on.

I also bought a duo sponge to apply powder easily under my eyes.

Today I went to The Face Shop & since summer is back, I got nothing to protect my face ( I already have tons of facial issues X.X). So I got one with SPF 50+

It's not pretty clear in the image (unfortunately) but when you first put it, there's a lavender color in the cream, but when you rub it, the colors goes and has a nice soft slight floral scent to it.

I also bought body spray (body mist, or as it's called shower cologne). It's in honey suckle & smells s0o0oo sweeet! However, it's not the overwhelming sweetness that I'm attracted to. It's a soft sweetness that can be used in summer~ They have another one (I don't remember it but it's pinkish-purple) but that's exhaustingly sweet and the scent goes away in an hour! The honey suckle stayed for more than 6 hours!! That's a first for me~

Because I have The Face shop discount card, I am able to get two free masks! One is my favorite Tea Tree & Bergamot. It's really feels clean and fresh :)
They also gave me a Power Treatment Gel Mask- Whitening. The sales lady says it's good for my skin, so I'll let you know how it went.

An hour ago, I finished a drawing I started last week:

This is Raina, a member from a korean girl group After School/ Orange Caramel. They're promoting their digital track "Bangkok City." It's a k0o0ol song to dance to, like the kind of song you hear in a club :D

Tomorrow is Sunday again & I gotta go back to work again *sigh*. Why are the days going by fast? or is it that people believe that they need to finish things in a rush >.> it's getting annoying because I can't enjoy my weekend anymore~

Oh well. Have a good day/evening and be happy~

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