Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chocolate Fudge

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well ^-^

I had an exciting week because I attended this orientation at work and it was super really fun! I met alot of new people who were also new to the company I started working for. One of the main important things I learn during the orientation the health, safety and security issues, like which extinguisher to use for which kind of fire, where are the emergency exits & the fire drills~ God forbid for such things to happen but we need to be prepared.

Friday was quite busy day & became quite hectic because a sandstorm suddenly hit the UAE!!

0.0 it was a scary chaotic moment because I was just walking up on the stairs when I suddenly heard a weird sound coming from outdoors!!! I looked through the window to realize that everything turned white because the wind was really strong and it was carrying sand with it, destroying anything weak against it (like our small plants & papaya tree which was carrying a lone fruit my mother was planting that was just growing really well). Mom & I saved the rest of her babies but the front yard and our balcony and backdoor was covered in sand (later we found out that some of the rooms upstairs & our living room also got sand~).

Saturday, mom & I ran quick errands & payed bills. I also had an opportunity to make a quick shopping spree! well it wasn't literally shopping spree, just few things I need to get like: biscuits from work (apparently Digestive is a  big deal at work & it seems everyone loves it & has it in their drawers :P) & green tea~ I also got hair dye since I felt it was time. I was letting my hair grow out since April 2010 & is at a length I have never experienced in my life! To feel it beyond my shoulders made me go @-@, yet I am happy with my decision of letting it grow rather than chopping it short like I used to.

 This is the dye I got:

Now, the color of the dye is "golden brown" and the color check, you can see it'll turn into brown with some tints of blond underneath. The dye, somehow, gave reddness with the brown rather than the blond on my hair. I shouldn't be judging already too soon because the color comes out gradually, but this is what happened so far. Ummm I guess while I'm at it I should confess that I left the dye longer than 40 mins (maybe about a total of an hour) and I assume that could be the reason why~
Anyways, I'm still happy because my hair had been half brown half black for some months now~

I was just about to end my blog but then I decided, "what if I posted my favorite song of the week"? Interested? Not? Let me know what you think.
For this week, this Korean girl group made their comeback after more than a year on Jan 28th on Korean music shows. Their track is called "Back it Up". It's a fun song to dance to (& to play when you're getting ready to out to work or out!) & one that won't get out of your head :p

Time for bed as a new day awaits me!
Hope you all enjoyed/enjoy your weekends! Take Care!! <3

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