Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chocolate Berries n' Cream

Hey everyone! Been a long while hasn't it?
Been another busy week+laziness~ ugh I should stop letting laziness get to me~

Well one thing that I'm unexpectedly excited about is Wild Wadi's new slides!
They even have their own youtube channel where they posted the launch of the rides~ Seems scary yet pretty awesome :p
The slides are called Tantrum Alley & Burj Surj. Both hold the concept of tornadoes & storms. Tantrum Alley has 3 'tantrums' that  will take you around and around, & Burj Surj has 2 'bowls' that goes really fast.
Here's the link to their channel & video of the launch:
Their Facebook fanpage:
You can follow them @wildwadidubai
Link to their website:

Another thing I'm literally hooked up to is: Twitter!
I guess it's one of those things that you need people to tell you how it actually works (unless you love exploring and trying out alot ^^). In my case, I had a Twitter account somewhere in the beginning of 2010 (thts as close as I can remember) but never understood it 100% until I had a valuable opportunity to talk to social media experts to tell me everything about twitter and also introduced me to TweetDeck (a very useful software where you get the tweets instantly & manage it, I'm probably not explaining it so please google it). I also downloaded Ubertweet in my Blackberry so if I need to tweet, I use my phone without the need to use my laptop :p even if you have to tweet more than 140 words, it can automatically tweet using You don't need to log in to to tweet long or even if uploading pics & vids, it'll automatically upload using Plixi (or other photo share site that has Twitter )!

If you like, you can follow me @herroyalsweet

This coming week,  it'll be absolutely exhausting XP many meetings to attend with my bosses~

All I can do is look forward to the future & just do my best!! <3

Take care everyone!

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