Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chocolate Pie & Ice cream

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well.
This week has gone quite well I must say. I went through it just like any other week: Home, Work, Sleep :3
However, last Thursday (20th) I attended this training at work called "Who Moved My Cheese?" (based in the book with the same title written by Spencer Johnson). I highly recommend everyone to read the book for a life changing opportunity (& if you have read it, then read it again :p). Just a quick explanation, it talks about the change that happens in our lives and the different approaches that people choose & its effect.
As I went through the training, I felt like it was wacking me on my head and shaking me to wake up. ^-^;
One thing I learned is to move on even after acknowledging the change. Thank God I didn't tear up or it'll be completely embarrassing!!!

While at work, I found a super delicious desert!!! Apple pie & ice cream with chocolate sauce!!! OMG just so heavenly good!! The combination of warm & cool is just indescribable!! I highly really advice you to try it (esp if you a sweet tooth)!!!

This morning, I watched this interesting & beautiful video on youtube. It's done by WongFu Productions.

Check out their youtube channel:

Have a nice day/ night!
Take Care <3

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