Sunday, February 27, 2011

Strawberry Tootsie Rolls Lollipop

Hi everyone! Hope you've all been well!!
It's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted!!! @-@
Long story short, I kept delaying when to post and didn't have pictures prepared+ last week I've been sick and forced to take medicine >.>
Finally today, I decided to post and do my best not to get side tracked again & do at least once a week!!

Today I went to the dentist for another check up and see what must be done for my front teeth since there's a big gap between them because of their small size. My next appointment will be on Tuesday and the dentist will be taking measurements and such.
After I was done, I passed by Spinneys and bought these for emergency dinners: 4 packs of noodles & processed cheese. I was inspired by Simon & Martina (a couple was live in South Korea, check out their website who showed how to make gourmet ramyun (Korean word for noodles) using ramyun & few other ingredients. Curious? See how Martina did it : .

Here's my version:

1- Boil water then add noodles/pancit (whatever you got but preferably  Maagi noodles). Prepare one egg (beaten & whipped) & cheese.

 2- After the noodles just gotten soft, put in the sachets that came with the noodles, mix together. Then, add the egg. Remember when you do that, pour it in a swirl motion and don't mix the egg so that it'll cook equally on the noodles.

3- Once the egg has been cooked, add the cheese on top. Give it around 10 seconds and your dish is done!

4- Tada! My serving doesn't look great but really tastes good :D

Lately, I've been loving these products for sometime & one just recent.

Fairydrops Mascara Platinum. I bought it from They are my absolute favorite mascara of the month!! This is how its wand looks like.
As you can see, the wand is semi curled and has three thingies that curls, lengths & volumizes the eyelashes. It's not joke I swear on it!

A red lipgloss from SHE. Actually my friend gave it to me but I rarely used it because it's  a strong color~ However when I wore first wore it, it looked so different on me and nice. The shade really reminds me of Christmas.

                      Sepohra's lipstick in the shade of #2 attitude & from Lancome Star Dust.
A combination of them give a light shimmer on the lipstick

EOS lip balm/ chapstick in honey suckle. it smells so good and keeps your lips soft & moist.
I also got it from

Maybelline black gel eyeliner. My other favorite makeup product but since January.
Using an angled brush, I put on the top on my eyelids.

My colleague gave me one today at work! Tootsie Rolls in cherry & raspberry. I wanted more but my colleague almost chopped my arms off >.>; 
They're so yummy I want to get a big pack of them XD

I would also like introduce a Korean singer I've been a fan of since her debut. Her name is G.Na (Gina) who was born & lived in Canada until she moved to Seoul, South Korea, to persue her dream as a singer. She debuted last year with her mini album "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better."
This time, she released a track called Black & White. It's a very fun cheerful song. My favorite for the week. Hope you enjoy it!!

It's time for me to hit the bed, as it is 11:09 pm in Dubai & I got an early morning group focus to attend~
Take care & I'll do better with updating my blog ^-^

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