Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Stick

Ahhh!!! Hi Everyone!!
Once again, we're getting close to the end of the month & year!!!
I've been feeling so festive lately!! (ya I know, weirdo!!)
As a muslim, I don't celebrate Christmas or anything, but for a very long time, December is my favorite month only because it gets cold & Christmas!! No I don't have my own tree~ (well I have a plant that will die if I try to decorate it :p) & I don't buy gifts for my friends or family~ (I'd be smacked in the head). I guess I've always loved how people become when it Christmas & so much love is in the air!!
Well, nothing much happened this week~ just work :)
One of my colleagues has gone on maternity leave :3 I already miss her. XD
Right now, I'm feeling pretty lazy since I was laying in bed all afternoon, so I just got up and decided to have a lil something to get more working

uh-ha!!! ice cream!!! ya I think its weird to have ice cream right now but :) im enjoying it!!!
the cover reminded me of Christmas but im not sure why~

Here's how it looks~

I'm enjoying it :D

I wish you all enjoy the rest of the year and will be able to end it wit a smile on your face.
Enjoy Christmas!!! & if you dont celebrate it, well have happy times :)

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