Saturday, December 11, 2010

Raspberry Choclate Pudding

Hi Everyone!! Hope you're well!!
I had an alright week until I got some sad news...

It was an ordinary week: work. home work. home. For once, I like this routine.
Except, I didn't go to my cousin's since she had to study for her exams & work on projects.

Yesterday (Friday 10th Dec), I was sitting on my computer chair normally while browsing online & suddenly I heard a crack. I turned around and checked under my chair and didn't find anything strange. When I got back to my seat, before I knew it, I came crashing down to the ground. Yes, the chair broke 0.o; I still don't understand how.

I still wonder why it cracked~ My mom said I am not sitting normally and always crashing it around or something 0.0? *sigh*
Well, not only that, I got a giant bruise/bump on my left thighs & was hurting alot.
Mom made a remedy of hers and put it on thighs so I think that's easing the pain~

It's been quite festive at work lately since Christmas is around the corner. I dont know why, but I also get happy & festive-ish when it's December >.> I can't explain why and my colleagues find me a weirdo :p heheh~

I'll go get dinner now & watch some K-tv shows!
Take Care Everyone! Hope you'll have a lovely week <3

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